WDW: MK: 2 character meet & greets in a row a dumb idea?

Snagged FastPasses for Anna & Elsa at 6pm. (Quick on the draw, I am.)

Playing around with my Touring Plan for MK for the day, and it seems to work best if I schedule Tinkerbell meet & greet right before. For now, I have a LOT of flexibility on moving the Tinkerbell one, can make it 5-6pm, 7-8pm, late morning on our way out (although worried that’s going to get us our lunch break too late for my little ones), etc. But she’s right by park entrance, so works best about 5:45 right before Anna & Elsa.

So the basic question is, is it un-fun to squish the character meet & greets one after the other? Just too much twee fairy/princess all at once?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Do you have a fpp for Tinkerbell.? She is popular and we had to wait over an hour to see her in 2013 before Frozen came out. I would recommend earlier in the day.It can be quite a walk from Town Hall to fantasyland later in the day if going against crowds leaving.

How busy is the day you are going? If its really busy the FP for A&E can be long. That’s a lot of waiting for two meet and greets. I would try to spread them out a bit if you can. If you are using two FP+, then it’s not a big deal.

That’s quite a walk between the two. I would probably either go to Tinkerbell as you enter without a fastpass (If you got the other FPP’s you really need) or as you are close to leaving with a fastpass.

Sorry, I was not clear. Planning on also using FP+ for Tinkerbell. Right now, I have flexibility to move Tink around time-wise (unlike Anna/Elsa–no more times that day).