WDW in mid-Sept

We’re planning a 50th birthday trip for my wife in mid/late Sept. She’s worried about hurricanes. What should I tell her?? Thanks in advance!

I’d be more concerned with the extreme heat and humidity at that time of year. Yuk!


Poncho up and party on!

Honestly they rarely impact the parks other than some rain, but you get high rain chances basically April through September anyway.


High chance of rain, hot and humid, but other than that Disney has rarely shut down for a hurricane. You may have rides that have to shut down though.

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Odds are you will be fine, but it can happen. We were there one September when a tropical storm blew over. A day and a half of non stop torrential rain. We hunkered down in our condo and watched movies. It is actually the most memorable part of the trip! You make the best of it. Granted, this was a UOR trip and not Disney.

You are not going to like my answer, but I try to avoid WDW in September because of the increased hurricane risk. As others have said, WDW rarely shuts down over hurricanes, but September is the highest risk time of year for hurricanes. I have gone a few times in mid-October, however, which has some hurricane risk, but less than September.

We’ve gone in mid-September all 3 times we’ve been to WDW because our kids have a week off of school. We’ve had a couple of close calls hurricane-wise, so it can be stressful watching the weather in the weeks leading up to the trip! The plus to that time of year is the crowds are pretty low. The downside is it’s crazy hot and humid, with lots of afternoon downpours.

WDW has had 7 closures since 1971 due to hurricanes, and 3 of those were in 2004.


Her concern is reasonable :woman_shrugging:

That said, Disney has hardly ever closed for hurricanes, and even when they have it hasn’t been for long. Your biggest issues would be getting there and home, and then being occupied during the stormy hours.

September is a very very hot and humid month in FL. Be advised.


We went in September 2019 and September 2020. Of the 15 total days, it only rained on us for half a day. As far as the hurricanes, there will be some “tropical systems” in the Atlantic tracking towards the US. It happened to us both times. But both times they either weakened or changed course.

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The “nice” thing is with hurricanes, there is plenty of evacuation time to plan ahead usually.

We evacuated from Arthur in Outer Banks several years ago, as well as from Ivan in Gulf Shores.

Here are the stats when WDW has briefly closed:

  • Hurricane Floyd – 1999.
  • Hurricane Charlie – 2004.
  • Hurricane Francis – 2004.
  • Hurricane Jeanne – 2004.
  • Hurricane Matthew – 2016.
  • Hurricane Irma – 2017.
  • Hurricane Dorian – 2019

I’d rather be stuck in WDW than anywhere else in a hurricane. They have generators and such and are very prepared.

Plus they’ve been known to deliver Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars to rooms during brief park closures :blush:


If they deliver Mickey Sandwiches instead, I’m in.



Good. Because Sandwiches > Bars


I used to have such respect for your Disney opinions. But this…Denigrating the Mickey Bar? In favor of the rather pedestrian Ice Cream Sandwich?

I’ll need time to contemplate the implications of such shocking news… :scream:

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I actually like both. But I always prefer the sandwich over the bar because it is FAR easier to eat.

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So sorry.

The wiser person with the more discerning palate knows the truth that sandwiches are desperately inferior.


Wow…in true Disney Fan fashion, this conversation has shifted from hurricane advice to that which truly matters - BEST SNACKS!! :laughing: Seriously, thank you ALL for your thoughts! Good stuff!


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!!! I’ll actually welcome all of it - any of it - any time! Disney Fans are the best!

You need to know what to do for food (sustinence is a word i cannot figure out to spell!) during the Biggest Storm Ever

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