WDW Hotels Columbus Day Weekend

So we are headed to the World for Columbus Day weekend. We are staying off site, but, for about a month now I have been periodically checking onsite hotel availability - - - - and I have found none. Not one room available for that weekend ANYWHERE on WDW property. Not club level, not Poly Bungalows, nothing…

I have used different browsers, and incognito modes, etc.

But here is the weird thing…Park pass availability as of this morning, shows FULL availability for every type of guest (tickets, onsite hotels, AP) for all the days that weekend (10/7 - 10/11).

Is it weird for me to think that ALL the hotel rooms are booked, but that all the parks still have park passes available? That not even one park on any one day has filled its allotment of park passes in any category.

Anyways, no real point here, but I thought it was interesting in my weird way.

It has been glitchy, but I will also say that hotel availability for fall has been tight for months now.

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I suspected… and it is a high demand weekend. Just thought it curious

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My family and I went Columbus day weekend 2019, and I can tell you it was crowded, like 8 and 10 levels at every park. We did MNSSHP and it was actually scary! Crowd wise I mean! This was prior to G+, of course, so it may be different now, but if you can get a room, pack your patience pants. May check confirmed DVC reservations, would come with the benefit of early entry and extended evening as t MK and Epcot. Good luck!

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That’s fall break time for lots of schools. It’s always been really busy that weekend. I remember some 9s and 10s those weekends.

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