WDW hotel search 41 minute wait!

Tried to do a quick room search and got this. Do I need genie + to search for room availability now. :rofl:


If only that meant they had fixed their website!

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New discounts dropped today so it’s being overwhelmed.

Tried to do a search myself just to see what these “amazing” discounts are buuuuut yeah I’m staring at the same screen. I already closed it as I don’t care enough to find out.

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Ah makes sense! Hopefully the deals are good…13 minutes to go.

I don’t understand how a site search can require an ‘on hold wait time’? If I call in I’m put on hold, if I use the website, I’m put on hold… How can they consistently make the customer experience worse at every turn?!?



Tuesdays are an upcharge, similar to ILL

A dollar a minute.

Some folks around here are probably rather familiar with this pricing format


It’s a max of $500 (and that’s at deluxe). In the thread I started this morning there is a detailed outline.

I think it starts at $40/nt at value?

It’s not fabulous at all.

It’s not that great… $100 off per night for deluxe, $40 a night for mods, and $20 for values. and naturally, certain dates and resorts are not eligible.

I’m going in April…nothing changed. Still the same price.

What about if you are on roam? Is that extra? Is it unlimited minutes on weekends? :smiley:

call 1-900-WDW-TRIP! Our operators are waiting to tease and pweese you!

(ok… that was probably a bit too far. I’m sorry)


i was able to get it to work and zero theme park rooms available in the Contemporary?

Yeah, right, sure.

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Contempo was not an eligible resort.

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I wouldn’t know, personally. @Randall1028 has posted and seems like he might have info tho

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Deluxe Resorts were

so GF made the list but not the poly or or contemporay.

That makes sense.

if you’re insane.

Poly and CR were recently refurbed. They aren’t giving away those rooms at any discount. I bet after the GF gets their refurb they will be ineligible for future discounts also.

that’s still insane.

pulling in $100 less a night is better than 100% less a night from no one staying there.

I was able to save $400 each on my April reservation at POFQ on 2 rooms.
I was able to apply the change online to my existing reservations.

I saw no deluxe rooms for my dates to tempt me to spend more. Maybe I overlooked some, but YC was not available for my dates.


That’s a nice saving! FQ isn’t usually eligible for discounts.