WDW heyday?

Are we getting ready to enter a new heyday for WDW? With all of the new things being added, it looks like those of us who are Disney fans are in for a real treat. Would you agree that this is a new era coming?

Pandora and specifically Flight of Passage certainly upped the ante on the rides. Now, you have Toy Story Land opening next summer. That doesn’t look particularly impressive, but adds something to a park desperate for more rides. In 2019, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is likely to break some attendance records. It actually has me frightened to the point where we may skip 2019 and go in late 2019 or early 2020.

After that, there are a lot of other things that haven’t had announced dates yet: Tron coaster, Guardians coaster at Epcot, Ratatouille ride at Epcot, Great Movie Ride replacement, gondolas, possible Star Wars immersive hotel. . . I feel like I’m forgetting something, but that is still a pretty impressive list.

And with Universal discussing Super Nintendo Land, Fast and Furious and a Harry Potter ride to replace Dragon Challenge, they aren’t sitting on their proverbial laurels. This is definitely an exciting time. Agree?

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WDW is finally getting some much-needed love after over a decade of neglect while the overseas parks were being built/improved. The next 5 years should see some amazing additions.

I’m hoping for a Mary Poppins ride one day in UK pavilion at Epcot!

That would be just perfect there if they can find room!


This is a major topic of discussion in other forums. That UK will be getting a ride seems to be a done deal, but there is no word of what that might be. The “insiders” seem to think that “Brave” is the front-runner for a UK attraction. As for Mary Poppins,tThere may be licensing issues with the Travers estate (despite “Saving Mr. Banks”, Mary Travers did not like the movie, and there remain many restrictions on how the character can be used).