WDW for non-english speaking children

Hi all,

We are planning a WDW trip with 2 children (6 & 8 years old).
However, living in Montreal (Canada), they don’t speak and/or understand English.

I was wondering if the following attractions may be boring and/or misunderstood for them:

In MK:

  • Enchanted Tales with Belle

in EP:

  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Journey Into Imagination With Figment

in HS:

  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  • For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Story
  • Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage

in AK:

  • Finding Nemo - The Musical
  • It’s Tough to Be a Bug!

Thanks a lot !

If they’ve seen the films, they will probably be able to follow most of them. Maybe not Crush, I’ve never done Figment and can’t remember Tough to be a Bug, but the rest I think they’d be fine.

Will you also use translation devices? Have they watched Beauty and the Beast and Frozen- will they recognize the songs in the musicals?

In Enchanted Tales will Belle, the kids get to help act out the story. As long as you could tell them what to do, they would still have fun, I think. It’s usually simple tasks.

I think I’d skip Crush. It’s basically a question and answer session with Crush, so they wouldn’t get anything out of it.

Nemo is very visually interesting, so I’d still go to that one.

I think they’d still enjoy Beauty and the Beast. It’s a good show with music and dancing.

I think you should skip Turtle Talk with Crush and It’s Tough to be a Bug. And I think if they have seen the movies Nemo, Beauty & the Beast, Frozen, and Little Mermaid they should enjoy the attractions!

100% for sure do:

  • Finding Nemo - the Musical (the effects are amazing)

Probably they would enjoy these ones (but could skip if you think they’re feeling tired/overwhelmed from being immersed in English all day):

  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid (OOPS… Made a mistake on last edit: This isn’t the animatronic ride but is a very outdated mini musical. It’s cute but belongs in the PROBABLY category not the 100%)
  • Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage (lots of music and singing and dancing)
  • Journey into the Imagination with Figment (ride a car through and there’s music and 1980s-grade special effects)

Probably I’d avoid:

  • Turtle Talk with Crush (I barely understand it in English)
  • For the First Time in Forever (need to be able to read the lyrics)
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle (could be frustrating without understanding the language/directions)

Hello fellow Montrealer!

I went to Disneyland with little kids that only spoke French. All the characters and princesses were very understanding; I would just tell them that the girls did not speak Englis and they would wait for me to translate and really interacted well with the girls. We did the Frozen musical and other shows; if they are familiar with the movies, no problem. Maybe just listen to the songs and the movies in English before heading to Disney World? The shows are extremely well made and my dad, from Lac-St-Jean (who does not speak a word of English) enjoyed all the shows (including Frozen sing-along). Worst case, he liked sitting down in the AC.

And I agree with other commenters; I would skip Turtle Talk with Crush (only talking), but all the rest is great. I just translated what I thought was necessary to enjoy the ride or activity.

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Voyage of the Little Mermaid is the show at HS, not the ride at MK.

OH MY GOSH, TAKE AWAY MY LINER CREDENTIALS… I didn’t even notice my mistake on that, thanks for pointing it out!!! :flushed:

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Haha you’re forgiven.

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