WDW for cheer competition over Mardi Gras, need tips!

I will be traveling to WDW next week for a UCA high school cheer competition. We are staying at Port Orleans-Riverside from Thursday, 2/4 through Monday 2/8. I just received our itinerary. I usually uber-plan our WDW trips, but we were required to book through UCA for this trip and I had no details until yesterday. I have made NO fast pass reservations, because I had no way to know when we would be able to tour the parks. We do have 4 park hopper passes, plus one UCA night at Magic Kingdom on Friday and one UCA party at Studios on Sunday night. I have NO idea what to do to have the best possible touring plan and, after using touring plans successfully for 10 years, I am concerned about going without one! (did I mention NO fast pass reservations? yikes!)

THURSDAY 2/4: We arrive at Orlando airport around 1:30 on Thursday and it looks like we are able to tour the parks for a couple of hours. Lucky for us, the crowd level is low on Thursday. I am GUESSING that if our flight arrives at 1:30, we should get to PO-R by 3:00 and can get to one of the parks until we have a team dinner off property at 7:00.

FRIDAY 2/5: Practice until 10:00 a.m, then free rest of the day. Party at MK for UCA night.

SATURDAY 2/6: Competition day. Probably very little park time, if any. Maybe a very short trip that evening?

SUNDAY 2/7: Final competition day. If we make the finals, then we compete. Party at HS that night, but I don’t know if this means that we have time after park is closed?

MONDAY 2/8: Flight at 3:45 pm Able to tour the parks until time for DME pick up.

I would truly appreciate any recommendations that you might have for enjoying our time in the parks around this competition. It is Mardi Gras week, and the crowd levels are higher than I like without a plan. I am going with an attitude of “we are here for a cheer competition”. But, we would love some stress free park time! We will likely be traveling a in a large pack of high school girls and their moms, if that means anything.

Why no fast passes? When will you get your tickets?

when we arrive Thursday.

Can I ask- the tickets are 4 day tickets? You get to go to the parks two days without your tickets ? Can you save the tickets for another trip?