WDW, FOMO and a no-plan trip

I’ve just been joking with some friends about cancelling my December trip. I said the flight wasn’t refundable, so I’d just show up at MCO and spend the week there. It’s indoors, it has QS locations, there’s the monorail, . . .

Even though I was joking, I could almost feel the relief of the weight of the planning lifting from my shoulders. It reminded me how simple UOR planning is. I’m spending a day there in December and my plan simply says “Go to UOR”.

It occurred to me that we all go nuts about WDW because the whole place is engineered to be a festival of FOMO. I hate to agree with @ryan1, who is wrong about everything, but the FPP system really is a monster. The ADR system is not much better.

And then a thought occurred to me. I’ve booked my June trip but made no plans as yet. I’m not really sure what the “theme” or “agenda” for that trip is. But now I’m wondering, maybe the theme is “no plan”.

The Brickers (disneytouristblog) once wrote about how they’ve done trips with no prior in-park reservations, either FPPs or ADRs. They just go where the mood takes them each day. When it’s time to eat, they see what’s available. This is particularly easy if you’re a solo traveller.

Me being me, I’d want to do some cheating: book some upcharge events to make sure some essentials are covered — DAH, HEA dessert party, maybe the WAT (ask @OBNurseNH what it is). My UOR AP will be current, so that’s easy enough.

And I’d want to book the most primo FPPs, but I’m really only talking FOP (if I don’t do DAH AK) and SDD (if they don’t bring back DAH HS). And MMRR if FPPs are a thing for it. And Ratatouille. And some kind of meal at Space 220.

It will be my sixth trip in three years so I can afford to be casual about it.

Because I do worry that I spend far, far, far too much time thinking about WDW and planning it. (I worry about how much I spend, too, but one thing at a time, eh?)

Why not decide on the day? I’m really tempted to give it a try.

What do you think?


It sounds like fun to me. :slight_smile: I probably way over plan but if we keep going (about to do our 3rd trip in 5 yrs) I will probably get to where I’d plan less.

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Sounds like fun to me too!!! We are doing all DAH this time (plus maybe one regular park day) and a water park day. My kid still wants to go with me but doesn’t want to hear about planning or RD! This time the trip is just for us to enjoy being there with each other (no one else to worry about showing everything to). I’m still obsessing and reading everything (I find it’s a good outlet for my usual anxious temperament anyway) but we really aren’t planning too much… a few FP before the DAH starts, Circ du Soleil, Chef Mickey’s, Sanaa, and Homecomin takeout before or after the Circ du a Soleil. It will be fun to add whatever we want if we want to!


I’d be happy to go that route if I wasn’t a larger group with infrequent visits. It’s more like the DLR model which I found much more enjoyable on multiple levels.

The question is can you really commit to not committing?

The pressure of WDW had ne say 3.5 years ago that I wouldn’t go back for 5-7 years. I’ve kicked myself a few times this week for not sticking to it. The FOMO and fear of poor ROI drive me to the wall.


I’ve done thisfor a day or 2 but as @qwerty6 suggests if its just me and given i go enough to make it sort of Alice Curious fun

So maybe plan some days for the MUST do things, and leave some days for just wing it. i have done this. it is fun.

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Unsanctioned use of unofficial abbreviation.

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as you’re both a solo traveler and frequent visitor, a no-plan trip sounds like a refreshing change of pace. the ability to see where the days take you could open up opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise come across.


When I try not to plan I end up planning a lot, because I suffer a from FOMO.

I am able to successfully schedule no-plan blocks. On my trip my days were all planned to finish must dos by 1pm or so and then the rest of the day was just going with the flow, that was a lot of fun!


We tried a few hours of no-plan, on our last trip. It was a disaster. The family looked like a deer in the headlights. They had no idea what to do - and no one could make a decision. They’re just used to me telling them what to do, and when.

However, you’re the one that’s done all the planning in the past. So, you know what’s available. It’s a solo trip, so you only have to please yourself. I think it sounds fabulous!

Of course, like @Sandyh, I’d continue to read everything I possibly can, but that’s mostly so that I stay away from real news.

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Way harder to go no plan with a fam than no plan as a solo. Too many preferences to consider

We’ve done this in the past as a family of 7. In the AM, we’ll go down to the bus stop and get on the first one that shows up (of the four parks, we wouldn’t be prepared for a water park). It’s glorious and frustrating at the same time. Park hopper tickets are practically required for such a plan.

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What is “FOMO”?

My planning, especially on a solo trip, is pretty light. I’ll plan which parks I will be visiting, get ADRs and FPPs, and decide what PM shows I want to see. Then, based on the FPPs I get I’ll plan out my first 3 attractions at RD. Even if I only go to each park to 1 day, that’s my top 6 taken care of. That is most of the rides at EP, DHS, and AK that I have any real interest in, and also gets all of the “headliners” in MK. Other than that, it’s pretty much “do what comes to mind”

Do it!

Fear of missing out

Which is why you should tour solo way more often.

And by “solo” I mean “with a black and white cat, a tortoiseshell cat, and a golden retriever.”


I miss those faces.

But alas, I have to adult: go to work regularly, raise my family, and maintain some semblance of fiscal responsibility.

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I have this thing about having a husband and children who love me and see me in a positive light, and an aversion to sleeping out of doors, naked and hungry


As a comparison I’m very nervous about not having a plan for our 1.5 Universal days that start out our trip. I mean, I sort of have a plan, but a lot depends on what is crowded at the time we arrive, and we don’t even know that yet b/c our arrival day is the .5 day…so, I wait. And worry…although it’s totally stupid to worry b/c we will have express pass. I really, really wish I could have ADRs to the Leaky Cauldron and 3 Broomsticks…