WDW Entrance Signs getting a new look for the 50th Anniversary

What do you think of this new look?

It matches the new look for MK entrance gate and the castle redo.

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For Comparision, here is the current sign

I prefer the new sign.

The red lettering on yellow background (+shadows since they physically stand out) of the old sign always made it a bit messy looking.

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I’ll be excited no matter what the entrance looks like…

“Are we there yet!?”


I do rather like the new design. Wonder why they are swapping Mickey and Minnie?

The old design was more playful, but I think the new design feels more regal.

I love it!! :star_struck:

I admit to being nervous when clicking on the thread, but as long as they don’t use that awful pink undercoat that’s on the castle, it’s all good :+1:t2:


oh yes… no more of that barfy pink!


I imagine it will match the re-do of the MK Toll Plaza


Just looking Minnie and Mickey are already swapped depending on location

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Oh. Okay. Makes sense. I forget there are multiple routes into the World! :slight_smile:

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No More ‘Where Dreams Come True’?

That was added in 2006 for the Year of a Million Dreams.

Hmm. I realized they missed something in their new signage. I added it back in for them:


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I was about to say: It’s ironic they’ve changed the slogan to the least appropriate slogan they could have thought of.