WDW - early Aug. or Thanksgiving?

Hi, we are trying plan a trip to WDW either the first week of August or during Thanksgiving. We are not pros at this. The problem for me is the last time we went to Disney 3 years ago, it was during Mardi Gras (we are from New Orleans). There was a sizable crowd even though it was in February. We can deal with the heat of early August for the most part but I’m sure Thanksgiving in Disney would be beautiful but I am not sure we have it together enough to go at the 2nd busiest time of the year. Any advice?

If heat isn’t an issue, than your biggest concern would be crowds. Thanksgiving is more crowded than early August. But either way, if you use and stick to a Touring Plan, you should be fine.

Thanks for the response. I agree. I would really like to have time to plan this vacation. Last time, we booked a month before going because of finances. We did spend a fortune that trip staying at the beautiful Animal Kingdom lodge but we didn’t get to do any character lunches or dinners. This time, there will be a tighter budget but more time to plan ahead. It would be wonderful to go in November but after reading the unofficial guide, I think it will be August.

We have typically gone around Thanksgiving. Last trip we arrived the Thursday before Thanksgiving and left on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That Wednesday was noticeably more crowded than the days before. We’ve also arrived on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (typically spend Turkey Day with our relatives that live somewhat near Orlando). That Saturday, crowds were high but Sunday and beyond were not. If you can take advantage of the “shoulders” of Thanksgiving week, crowds are good and it is so nice to be there when the weather is cool. And we did get to swim both November trips.

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Wow. Swimming? That’s great. I will have to look at the kids’s schedule. Thanks!

You are right. I think the key to a successful trip is sticking with this guide. Thanks!

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