WDW Bug - DH Has Caught It

My work here is done: DH is jonesing to not only go back to WDW, but to actually move to the Orlando area so that we can go as much as we want.


that’s a huge win!!


That is amazing!!


Ok let us know when you move so we ALL can stay with you.


All? At the same time???

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Yes all at the same time or at least just me and DW. Has Greg been watching the DIS Unplugged moving to Orlando. I just watched the one on Davenport. I had a chance to by my Grandparents house in Winter Springs about 8 years ago and I should have. i did not because of the summer heat and the schools here are much better for DD.

That’s a bit more doable, then. And no, he didn’t get that from DIS Unplugged that I’m aware of.

Yes, I bet you’re kicking yourself right now about not buying the place. I, personally, wouldn’t like the heat. At least in SC we get snow in the winter…

We just watched that one as well because our rental house is in Davenport. We thought we might see more from a renter’s perspective, but it really was just about buying.

I remember going to Boardwalk and Baseball in the late 80’s early 90’s. I never could remember where it was located but new it was close to Orlando. Before it was called something circus like citrus circus maybe circus circus or is that Vegas?