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Unfortunately, I have never really followed the DCA threads on this forum, but have been trying to digest the latest posts on the new AP system. I knew that DCA was not selling new AP’s, but I did not realize that they had cancelled existing AP’s! This question is about WDW. I am holding 2 separate sets of AP’s for each of the 4 of us that have not yet been activated. One set was the result of getting my AP’s (which we canceled during the pandemic) reinstated earlier this year and they currently appear on MDE. The other set I purchased at a discount from Sam’s Club before SWGE opened as a hedge for the future. On the advice of a CM (either the AP Support line, or more likely the Internet Help Desk) I have not yet linked the Sam’s Club passes to MDE so that there would be no confusion when we decide to activate. Now I am worried that if the Sam’s Club AP’s are not linked to MDE, and WDW decides to cancel existing AP’s, I might not get a refund. My question is this (and sorry if I have asked it in the past): does anyone else have multiple sets of inactive AP’s linked to MDE? @JJT, maybe you do since you did some analysis a while ago on the advantages of buying AP’s in advance? If so, has it caused any problems? Thanks!


Do you mean multiple APs for the same person? Or multiple APs assigned to different family members?

Multiple AP’s for the same person or persons.

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WDW never canceled all AP’s like DL did. In fact they are still renewing & and selling new vouchers for those that canceled during the pandemic or let expire.

So your vouchers should be fine.


Until they have been used they can be reassigned to another person in your MDE. Just info. I did have two at once b/c I renewed b4 old one expired and they both showed up in my MDE. The old one dropped off day after it expired and the new one became active.

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I am thinking ahead that if they adopt a similar system to the new one at DCA, will they cancel existing AP’s in the future?

w/in parameters… I couldn’t buy a new AP for my DH’s expired AP. It missed the dates .

So I was in that same situation as I have a Sam’s AP sitting on my account and also my reinstated AP. It took quite a while to get my AP activated at the gate and they kept bringing up the fact I had 2 out there assigned to me. I thought about creating a dummy account and reassigning it in the future.

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That’s what I was afraid of, I guess that’s why the CM advised me to leave the second set off until we were done using the reinstated ones. The only proof of purchase I have though is the Sam’s Club receipt :grimacing:

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I have no inside knowledge, of course, but I would be amazed if they started canceling pre-purchased APs. They already started renewing some APs for DVC folks etc, and these are just different (full price) versions of those?

If you are concerned about multiple attached to a person, I would just create dummy accounts and park them there. When I was using my 1 day convention tix last week I also had my AP voucher attached to me.

I noticed that my family’s status in MDE was “ticket holder” while mine was “pass holder” - which spooked me that they would somehow try to use the unactivated AP at the AK tapstiles that morning and mess up our FoP run by making me go to GS.

So, I just created a friend “DAD Tierney” in my MDE and reassigned the pass there until after we used the AK tix. You could do the same for any that you’ve already attached.


Anyone can renew an AP for WDW, online or in person.

They allowed anyone whose AP was cancelled or expired between the parks’ closure and a date in September to buy new ones. People who missed their renewal window after that were able to renew. And kids who turned 3 and who had a parent with an AP could get a new one.

I don’t think WDW are going to cancel anyone’s AP.

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