WDW Adopt Seasonal Pricing Information

I just saw this on Disney Blog. Does anyone know anything about it?

Here is more information on ticket pricing:

Here is the pricing and calendar information:

It only affects 1 day visitors anyway. DLRParis moved to this pricing 3 years ago and havent changed it since. Although there was lots of what ifs with regards to multi day pass seasonal that hasn’t happened.

So now you will be paying $124 for a 1-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom.


Here is what was released from WDW:

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MK during peak time is $124.

Makes the ap look more appealing

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Thanks for posting. Some people will plan their trips around the different seasons, but will others save by staying off site or cutting back on ADRS or only getting base tickets. Who will forego going to Disney altogether.

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Geez they should charge less at peak times, you don’t get on as many rides!

It’s not just one day tix that went up. Just one day tix went to tiered.

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