WD Account linking with Fast Passes

I have made all the fast passes + reservations for our group of 10. We all have the 5 day passes from OTC linked. Does the fast pass link to the persons ticket or their email address with Walt Disney? Some family members added or already had their WD account. Making sure their isn’t a screw up on my end.

FP+ are linked to the ticket, which is assigned to an MDE (My Disney Experience) account online. If on your “Family & Friends” page, it says “You Manage this account,” but the person has their own MDE account (or made one after you set up FP+), then just click the “Connect through a Disney account” button to the right and send an invite to the email address that they set up their MDE account with. Once they accept the invite, then you should be all set!

I hope that helps - lemme know if you have other questions I can try to answer :ok_hand:

Thanks…Called WD Support and they cleaned it up for me. Great service.

18 more days and counting!