Wave vs Hollywood Brown Derby


I am trying to decide which to do for Thanksgiving dinner: The Wave or Hollywood Brown Derby Fantasmic package? Two adults & two kids (7 & 11). What do you think?


What are your overall plans for the day?


Morning fast passes in magic kingdom but would like to go to Hollywood Studios in pm and try and see santa


Well I think that’s your answer. Although The Wave is not far from MK, it still requires an extra stop. HBD it is


Thank you!


HBD is on my short list of favorite restaurants and is a “must do” every trip. Excellent food and service. I’ve only been to the Wave once and it was THE WORST service I have ever had at a WDW restaurant; slow and unfriendly to the point of being rude. The food was OK, but the overall experience was the worst TS meal I’ve ever had in WDW.


I think I already told you on another post but I will say it again- HBD has always been among my favorite meals on any trip!


Thank you!


The center seating for Fantasmic is also a very good thing to have if you’re going to want to see the show without wasting a bunch of time waiting.


Easiest decision ever: HBD.


Great point!