Wave Breakfast on MK Day


I’ve booked breakfast at the wave for 7:30am on our MK day next month with a 9am park opening. Realistically, how quickly could we be done with breakfast to walk over to the park? We are staying offsite and hoped to park at the contemporary as we have done in the past. I also booked a dinner at the wave for the same day, but am I right that they would be less likely to allow us to park all day for dinner?

We need to eat but mostly just want to get into the park for rope drop. Could breakfast take so long that we should just drive in to the TTC and monorail in?


That would be sufficient time to have breakfast and make it over there in time for actual rope drop but know that the parks have been opening a little before official time, and ?soon? onsite guests will have a 30 minute daily advantage over offsite.

Ugh, yes this is for next month. If rope drop was “on time” I think we would be fine but there’s no way we would get there before 8:15/8:30. Would you brave TTC in that instance? We will have rental car and two kids so don’t want to Uber/Lyft.

My answer is that it depends. I know that’s not helpful but I have done this twice in the last few months. In November I had a 7:35 reservation at the Wave. We were there when the restaurant opened at 7:30. Service was slow. We did not make the unofficial rope drop at MK. We were there a little bit before the 9 o’clock. The line for 7D was already pretty long and we waited close to 50 minutes.
In January I went and we had a similar reservation time. Again we were there when the restaurant opened and basically sat down, immediately ordered, were able to eat, get our check and make it to MK by 8:20. The park was already opened but we managed to go to 7D and had about a 20 minute wait.

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Had the same ADR and park opening times during Thanksgiving week 2020.

Just looked back at our receipt and photo timestamps from then to give you some data points:

  • 07:30am - parked at The Contemporary (took a picture to remember the parking spot, and would be handy in the unlikely event we got towed :grin:)
  • 08:07am - photo of family almost wrapping up breakfast
  • 08:13am (or 8:18am; the scan is a bit smudged) - The Wave receipt timestamp
  • 08:47am - photo in Frontierland, walking towards BTMRR
  • 08:56am - photo of us in the ride vehicle (walked on to BTMRR)
  • 09:06am - a line had formed, but was still short, so we decided to ride BTMRR again. Took a photo in the exterior part of the line, in front of the BTMRR sign

Thanks so much for your insight and details!