Waterslide (only) getting refurbed at Stormalong Bay

One of the posts I read about this was that it would be a short closure. Fingers crossed that’s true for all those staying there soon!

I’m not sure how to check but I remember seeing AoA’s pool going through refurb in 2018 I think… or maybe it was 2020… but recent enough for me to question why it’s closed again?

I had decided just last week to spend the last night of April trip with my kids at YC so we could spend the day at Stormalong Bay. DH and I stayed at YC the past 3 nights and had to give SB a test run including the slide. I will say yes, it needs that maintenance as discussed above. Slide is not the most comfortable going down for us adult size people! But the other thing that surprised me was that the entrance to the slide and the entire smaller slide are outside the main SB area and across a resort walkway. Not so sure I would be comfortable with my little ones running back and forth alone and I couldn’tt watch them go up and then get back fast enough to be there when they come down. Plus I don’t want to spend the day running back and forth! So we were questioning the plan anyway and then yesterday morning heard the news about refurb. So as we waited for Epcot to open yesterday I was on the phone modifying my plans to ditch the YC night. Maybe we’ll do BB instead.

I came across someone on another site mentioning they were told by Disney chat that the slide is “anticipated to reopen in March 2021 but no official date has been announced.” Can’t verify this as fact, but it’s something.

Also, I found this from some old refurbishments, for reference. Take with a huge grain of salt, as we don’t know if this is applicable for the current issue. You’d think they would want it open as it gets into the busier (probably) Spring Break weeks, but who knows.



Awesome. So the chance that we can go on our trip it should be open…yay!

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Wow, cool resource! So interesting that it looks like they have put off slide maintenance QUITE a bit if they were doing something every 1-2 years for a while and then nothing in more than 8 years??

I think it’s more likely the page I came across, which wasn’t dated, just didn’t show any more recent updates than that, but I’m not sure.

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Not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but good news for those staying at BCV or YC soon! The SAB slide is now reopened, and multiple people currently staying there are reporting that. One was told by a CM that it was only scheduled for a 10-day refurbishment, and it only took 2 days. I hope nobody switched resorts or even cancelled their Spring Break trip based on the slide being closed.


That is super news! :hugs:

That’s great news! Given what happened with PeopleMover (and just generally the possibility of refurbishments taking longer than expected), it makes sense they would be cautious about announcing a reopening date! Still, wish they would have put some end date on there.