Waterpark roulette

With the announcement of TL reopening and BB closing again, do we think this is the pattern? Do we think BB will be open in summer? I already pivoted once when TL was open and now researched BB. This is getting really frustrating.


They used to alternate in the winter which waterpark would be closed. However, neither of them have been open at the same time since 2019.

I think, if a waterpark is vital to your stay, you should do your homework on both and be ready.

There’s no method to the madness how WDW is operating things these days it seems!!


So frustrating.

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If you want a stress free waterpark vacation day… c’mon down the street to Volcano Bay!! I’ll buy the first round!! :rofl: :innocent:


Are your toenails blue?

I believe the water parks are a staffing (deep water lifeguards/water park ) issue? There are three pool areas in WDW that need that special certification? (Storm along Bay and both water parks).

I know lifeguards have been difficult to find in most places.


At this point they should close one permanently and just keep one open. BB was open for about 3 months.

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It’s actually nice to have one always open though so they can do maintenance without losing a water park.

However, I agree with @bebe80 that Volcano Bay is all you need! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Kidding - I do hope to try Typhoon Lagoon someday. Blizzard Beach was a fun idea but when I went it was too busy to fully enjoy, and I imagine it’s getting run down.)


Yep!! I paint my nails! When my daughter was 17 we weren’t getting along as well. (teen angst and rebellion! :wink: :smile: )

Rather than try to shove my hobbies & interests on her, I asked - “What are you into? Maybe we can do that!”

My girl loves make-up! We started painting our nails together once a month - even if we weren’t getting along.

After a while, I discovered I enjoyed it. Not only as a way to spend time with her, but in general. Even though she’s an adult and out on her own I still paint my toes. (I do my hands when on vacation. I live in TN. I don’t need to get my ass kicked or at least bullied over something so dumb)

They’re Emerald Green right now! (Although, it’s chipped and looks much darker here)

Image blurred if you don’t want to see my toes. If you do…

I should probably be charging $5 or something for this picture!! :money_mouth_face: I’m giving away pics of my toes!! How will my OF account ever take off if I keep giving it all away here??!!?? :rofl: :joy: :innocent: :innocent:

I’m redoing it this weekend…if I’m not too lazy!


Love it!


Ok… just because I have retired my UOAP doesn’t mean Bebe gets all my photo credits now!!


Me too!

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LOL I was just assuming he would agree with you. :rofl:

(Ok my mistake. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Have heard this from multiple people as well that there is a shortage of life guards to be able to staff both at the same time.

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There are billboard and radio adverts in Florida for lifeguards and culinary CMs at the moment.

I’m sure they will want to be able to open both water parks as soon as they can. But those plus Stormalong Bay need a lot of lifeguards.

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Yes, the certification for water over 5ft is different than all the other pools.


Looking at the menus for TL and almost everything has pineapple. My daughter is allergic. It’s a bit insane!