WaterPark in January

My husband, 8 year old son ( who happens to have Autism) and myself are taking a quick trip to WDW IN January. We will actually only have two park days. Our son LOVES WaterParks. Like that is his absolute most favorite thing ever. We have never been able to do a WDW waterpark with him. Blizzard Beach will be open January 2018.
I was just curious if we should try to get there for him.
How is the weather usually? Is it worth it? Am I crazy for even considering? I would not even be thinking of this if he didn’t talk about going to a waterpark all,the time.

I’ve seen 80 degrees in Jan and I’ve seen 40 degrees in Jan. Don’t rule it out, but you’ll really have to play it by ear once you’re there.

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I personally have never been to the waterparks … I rule them out for some reason. On the other hand I’m always there for the WDW marathon weekend (first weekend of january) and in 2015 it was freezing cold… but it has changed every year! This year I came back at the end of february and back at april again… This february has been the warmest trip I’ve ever experienced! April was actually cooler than February! I was expecting the cold and I just packed jeans … no shorts (you can imagine how that turned out)
But if Blizzard Beach is going to be open then they might not be expecting low temperatures next year!
Long story short… weather in florida is never the same. I’d say give it a try! If on that day you decide its too cold for him to do waterpark just go ahead and enjoy a day at the parks!

There’s always a water park open - or scheduled to be open at least, since they do shut them altogether if temps are very low. That decision would be made very close to the date.

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Last time I was there in January I’m pretty sure BB didn’t open because of temperatures. I certainly wouldn’t promise it, although you may get lucky and have a warm day.

I’d wait to see the weather, but we were there the week before christmas the last two years and while we did not go to a waterpark, it was warmer than I expected it to be. If he loves it that much - even in the 70’s, I’d take him. The water parks totally rock, they are one of my favorite things, too. A half-day works well, even…10am - 2pm. Enjoy!!

January is a crap shoot. I wouldn’t specifically plan on it - but be flexible if things change.

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Great to know! thank you! the past years I’ve seen them both closed! I need a two week vacation to disney world to fully experience it all!

Believe me, 2 weeks is not enough!