Waterpark Crowd Levels?

What have waterpark crowd levels been like this summer? And how are they now? Sad BB is down and worried it’s been pushing crowds up. Thinking of going this Thursday. But between it being a weekday, low WDW crowds, and wet afternoon forecasts will it be quiet-ish? Thanks gang.

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Wish I knew! We will be going to TL next Sunday and again a week from Tuesday. Hoping it’s not too crazy either day!

Oooh sounds like a good setup for Liner Ladies Drinks at the Lagoon meet up. Will post if our days line up :wink:

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No experience but everything I’ve read on chat says not crowded.

Was at TL on Tuesday, Aug, 16. It was busy. But only from 10 to 3. Outside those hours it was tolerable.

When you say busy what does that mean? Wait for lazy River? Kids area manageable? Can you walk comfortably in the wave pool?

Wave pool = hard to find a waist high level spot where you are not crushed by a sea of people on the big wave. Go deeper, like touch toes, or near the rope over head depth, it was ok

Lazy River = jammed until after 3. Kids being kids slamming through people. Bouncing into every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

We rode some water slides but not all. Luckily it was our 3rd time there (over 7 years) so we still had a great afternoon.

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Ugh! Thanks!

I’m in! That would be amazing if it works out!