Water sports

Where can you paddle board at WDW?

I don't believe you can. It's not listed in Sammy Duval's options: http://sammyduvall.com/towed-water-sports/. The only reference to it I can find is a post on Attractions Magazine in 2012 saying that it had come to Coronado Springs, but it looks like that ended already, because there are no other references to it that I can find anywhere.

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@mr_itty thanks so much. Wonder if there is paddle boarding near wdw?

Are you a first-timer or an experienced person trying to enjoy it?

It's about an hour drive or so, but there are paddle boarding groups that meet up at Wekiva (and it is BEAUTIFUL up there).

Closer in, there's Shingle Creek in Kissimmee (which is okay, but if you have a choice, Wekiva River is much, much nicer).

There's a few dozen other companies that offer it as well, but it will be a half hour to an hour drive to get to a location. There's also local Meetup groups that have events scheduled all over for that.


@mascardofamily We are not new to paddle boarding but wanted to focus on activities at WDW! Thanks!