Water rides at IOA

We’ll be there next week and we want to ride all of them, but we know we’ll get totally soaked! I can plan to ride them right before heading back to HRH but was wondering if you have any hints and tips for managing them?

Do you keep all your things with you on the rides or use the lockers? I think you have to pay for the lockers, can you use one if you do all three rides back to back? Is there any room to put a bag on the boats? I was wondering about putting our bag and all our shoes in a bin liner or something… Do you change into flipflops or similar?

Finally will we be allowed on the water taxis back to HRH if we’re drowned rats?! I don’t really want to be carting towels and changes of clothes with us as we’re planning to do lots of rides beforehand and I’ve heard the locker situation is a pain at Universal.

TIA, Brizz

We usually get 1 paid locker and then ride all the water rides at the same time. There are no issues with the paid lockers, they are nothing like the lockers near the rides that become very crowded. You will definitely get soaked, so wear appropriate shoes (we wear flip flops or Keens in the parks, but if you wear socks/sneakers you definitely want to change into something else). We don’t take towels and then head back to our hotel right after (so plan this for right before a break). Yes, you can get on the water taxis if wet, but honestly by the time you walk around to where the water taxis board, you could have almost walked to Hard Rock. It is very close. We will be there at the end of this week. Have fun!


That’s exactly what we do. We ride all 3 just before we return to the hotel for a break (and after storing our stuff in a locker). You will be completely soaked. Sometimes we ride each several times since we are soaked already.

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Thanks for all the info. I did think we could keep riding the water rides as long as everyone wanted as we probably won’t want to repeat the soaking the following day!

How big are the paid lockers? And how much are they and how long can you use them for? Just want to make sure we don’t get caught out with not getting one for long enough!

Really looking forward to it now :grinning:

We ride them right before our break as well. We haven’t used the lockers, but always kept our stuff with us. I cover my bag with a poncho, and it keeps it pretty dry. I on the other hand am soaked, lol.