Water parks

Do they give wait times for water parks and I've never been to BB or TL during august, will be there 8/12 or 8/13, will it be crowded that time of year?

If "they" means TouringPlans.com, no. If "they" means Disney, yes. The wait times are on a chalkboard near the front of the park. Yes, in the dead of summer, the water parks will be very crowded.

Use the same strategy that you would use for the parks: be there at Rope Drop if possible to claim a good seat for your stuff and to get all the biggest rides out of the way. Take breaks by using the lazy river or just in your beach chair. Don't sweat the crowds and just try to enjoy.

BB was insanely crowded two Friday's ago. 30-60+ minute waits on all slides from RD to about 3pm. The lazy river was wall to wall people. Some slides did have hand written wait times. I hear the last few hours are great in terms of crowds. Agreed that the first priority is to grab a shady spot and maybe a locker if necessary.