Water parks worth a visit?

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Are you allowed to keep water shoes on whilst on the slides? August is going to mean very hot floors walking between the slides so I’m wondering whether to invest in some for all of us.

I would, the surface of the wave pool is really rough. You have to take them off and hold them on body slides.

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Thanks everyone. :hugs:

If your kids like fast slides, Blizzard Beach is the park for them. Summit Plummet, the park’s marquee attraction, is one of the world’s fastest and tallest body slides. The slides at Typhoon Lagoon are tamer.

Typhoon Lagoon does have a water coaster that Blizzard Beach does not and a better wave pool. If that interests you, then that’s the park to go.

My kids are daredevils and preferred Blizzard Beach. We would RD and head right for Summit Plummet and grab several rides before the crowds build. Then we would do the body slides near SP and get several of those, then head to the tobaggan slides. Blizzard has a great section called the “Ski Patrol” for kids 12 and under (perfect for your 8 year old). It is in a cul-de-sac with only one way in and out. We older parents could sit in deck chairs, rest, and watch as our two boys would entertain themselves and later on my daughter on more recent visits.

My Kids LOVED Blizzard Beach.(My husband and I as well) I would highly recommend some type of water shoe. The lazy river is awesome and goes around the whole park. By the end of the day the whole family had gone on Summit Plummet multiple times.

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