Water parks with child

Is one of the water parks better for kids? (My daughter is 6. No big slides for her.) Also, can you walk from the All-Star resorts to Blizzard Beach?

I’ve heard blizzard beach is better for the elementary school set–that’s our plan for August, with a 7 yr old and a 3 year old.
Typhoon Lagoon apparently better for the more adventurous/tween+ age group.

No clue about walking, sorry.

They are both great, but kiddies area at Blizzard Beach is, I my opinion, better. Also, no large. Waves at BB.

I don’t think that you can walk. I’ve never heard of it being walkable.

Depends on how much they like wave pools and lazy rivers. Typhoon Lagoon has larger waves and a shorter river, while Blizzard beach has smaller waves and a longer river to it. Just a warning on the Blizzard Beach ski patrol area: there is a zip line type ride called the T-Bar which drops into 8 1/2’ water, if yours isn’t use to swimming those depths you want want her to not do that part. As far as the walking there is a path, but over a mile walk and would take longer than a bus.

We just had a lovely time at BB this week with my 5.5 yo and almost 3 yo. The kiddie area is really more meant for toddlers. We didn’t try the Ski Patrol area, but my 5.5 yo loved all of the big slides that she was tall enough to ride (44"). Lots of tube slides and mat slides. She also loved the lazy river and wave pool. She missed out on the slides with a 48" height requirement, but that’s probably for the best. Those were more intense looking. There were lots of “family” slides that were great for an elementary kid and adults alike. On the other hand, my almost 3 yo couldn’t do almost any of those slides and spent most of her time in the kiddie area.

You absolutely can walk from the All-Stars to Blizzard Beach - I did so when I was down in February. Took me 17 mins, as depicted in the linked post.

I would also do BB, as the wave pool is smaller and therefore the waves are as well.

ETA: The sidewalk route is depicted in blue. Don’t go all the way to the auto entrance, but walk through the entrance to Winter Summerland.