Water Parks Tips

Hi! We just decided to add water parks to our APs!!! I’m very excited as we have only ever been to Typhoon Lagoon, and that was ages ago. So, what is your best water parks tips and advice!?

Go early early early. Be there well before park opening and spend the first 45 minutes riding slides as walk-ons. After that the lines get longer and longer and the walkways get hotter and hotter, and there are no FPP.
So fun! We love the WPs!

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Bring your own towels and wear comfy sandals or watershoes. I walked around barefoot at BB recently and somehow bruised the top of my foot. It was achy and sore for at least a week afterwards. The parks are all concrete basically and my old body couldn’t absorb the steps so well.

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Can you wear watershoes on the rides?

At blizzard beach, I think you could wear water shoes on all of the slides except for the summit plummet and the other high speed slides.