Water Parks Miscellaneous

This post is loosely related to another post I made re. Typhoon Lagoon vs. Blizzard Beach. Thanks for all the responses there!

I read somewhere that you can buy tickets for entry to the Water Parks from what were described as vending machines, reducing lines and time spent at the kiosks. Is that accurate? If so, can we use Magic Bands to purchase from these machines.

Can Magic bands be used to buy everything at the Water Parks, like at the MK? Food, merchandise? What about paying for the lockers? I’d love to be able to avoid bringing wallets… though I also read you need to leave your Driver’s License or Credit Card to get a life jacket.

Similarly, can you use your Magic Band to buy concessions from the donut vendor?

Another question… you can buy Water Park tickets online, and at the park of course. Can you arrange the ticket purchase at the front desk if staying at an on-property Disney hotel?

Don’t know about the vending machines, it’s been too long since I’ve been to a water park. I do know that you can definitely get water park tickets at your resort (at the concierge desk in the lobby) and also at the ticket booths at the theme parks.

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