Water parks in October

We are considering going to Disney World the first week in October. But the kids really want to enjoy the water parks and swim every day. Does Florida usually stay warm enough to make this a good possibliity?

It’s funny October can be variable. But I think the kids will find the weather more than warm enough to enjoy the water, they keep it heated when it gets too cool. One year we went in October and we had a heat wave - 95 plus degree weather the entire week. It depends on what you’re used to, the weather where you’re coming from!

We went to BB last year after mnsshp/ around October 22? Checked out and headed over around 11 am- it was sunny and warm out and never had a problem being cold in te water (we live in Florida too!) it wasn’t too busy and we really had a good time… It was our first time! I would say it’s usually hot enough during the day but you never know- if there is a front or clouds things can change!

BB will be closing from 10/4/15 - 1/2/16.

Thank you for the info on BB, did not think to check that.