Water parks in November?

Heading to WDW in the middle of November. We’ve never been to a water park, but this time we have that option on our tickets. Will it be too cold to go to a water park one day? Doesn’t Disney close one of them for refurbishment during that time? Just looking for any advice/input. Thanks so much! 219 days to go for us!

I think Typhoon Lagoon is usually closed during that time period (part of October thru to sometime in December). When we went in January 2013, it was Blizzard Beach that was closed. We did go to Typhoon Lagoon twice during our week - yet in that same week it was closed twice due to ‘low temperatures’. The water itself is heated and the days we did go were really enjoyable! If you have the option on your ticket and enjoy waterparks, I’m sure it will be worth it to go. :slight_smile: Congrats on the countdown! It will be here before you know it!