Water parks in april

are the water parks doable in april, or is it too cold. with my tickets i get one fun thing to do . could be a day at the water park or mini golf. just wondering if it would be warm enough for the water park since that seems like the best value

People swim all winter, I’m sure April would be fine. It might depend what temperatures you’re used to.

is the water heated

Yes it is.

have you been to both? which one would you recomend

We went to the water parks the first week of April this year. It was 90 degrees the first part of our trip, so yes, plenty hot for swimming.

did you visit both? Im trying to decide which one to pick. Summit plummet looks too terrifying for us

I prefer Typhoon Lagoon. Blizzard Beach is too much concrete for my tastes.

Yes we did, both the same day. We preferred Typhoon Lagoon. We spent more time there and mainly went to BB so my kids could ride Summit Plummet. They loved it, but they are teens.

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My 7yo loved it. I didn’t. I’ve never been so scared in my life!!

I was too scared to even think about riding it. I love thrill rides, but not of the water park variety.

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Plenty warm for swimming

We generally go in early March and it is starting to get hot then usually in the 80’s. Most often one water park or the other is closed for repair when we go and I am unsure if both are operating as early as April. Check before you go to see if this is the case. As my wife and I are older we prefer Typhoon Lagoon as it is quite as wild and we love the wave pool.