Water Park vs Second Day at Epcot

Hi everyone!

I would like some opinions on my plans. We are going at the end of September ( 2 adults). Because we booked through MVT, we have a Water Park ticket (but we did not buy hopper). So far, here is the schedule roughly:

-Day 1: at Hollywood Studios (take the red-eye from California, go to BC, RD HS, stay until our room is ready, take a nap/shower, dinnet at Yachstman, then SW Fireworks
-Day 2: RD Epcot, stay until mid-afternoon. Return to BV, shower, and then dinner at Victoria and Albert.
-Day 3: RD MK, nap in the afternoon, Dessert party, ride some more if wanted.
-Day 4: RD AK, dinner at either Tiffins/Sanaa, early at the resort
-Day 5: Late morning, Epcot in the afternoon/ watch Illuminations
-Day 6: RD MK, Leave around 4pm (because it is the MNSSHP) and dinner at Jiko.
-Day 7: Check-out, breakfast at Bon Voyage, swim, than take off to MCO.

Now, my question is: would you try to hit one of the water parks? I was thinking that on the late EP day, if we felt like it, we could try to go to one of the two water parks. Is it worth it?

I think my answer depends on who will be with you on the trip. My must go to water park was dependent on my tweens knowing how much they love to swim in pools. I will have fun too, but if it was just DH and me then I would skip the waterpark. The hotel pool is enough for us.

It is just me and my BF. We have not been to water parks since we were kids.

Thanks for your feedback. He might like having a morning to do nothing.

I can’t offer anything on waterparks, but do you usually do redeyes? We are west coast and have done plenty of redeyes, but not straight to WDW. you’ll be pretty functional on the first day off of adrenalin. But you may hit a wall towards the evening, or have a hard time getting up from your nap for dinner. And then all the rope drops the next 3 days in a row. Can you move things around and have a later morning day 2 or 3 instead? or you are younger and have more energy than we do now and you’ll be fine. :laughing: But the schedule did jump out at me so thought i’d at least mention it. other than the 3 hour time difference, the actual day to day plan looks very good though. have fun!

For me, it would be another day at Epcot hands-down. I am not a pool or water park person at all.

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Our Water Park day last year was our best day! DH and I went around the lazy river while DD15 tried everything else. First time I’d ever seen DH in swim trunks; he is NOT a swimmer. He absolutely loved it.


We actually took that exact same red-eye to go to WDW last year! And then we RD five days in a row. I did crash and burn on the 3rd one though.

I actually fly every week, so I taught myself to be an excellent plane sleeper. And we use some of my miles to upgrade to first class. But I agree with you! I might put a late start in 1st MK/AK, depending on the FPP we get. I appreciate the feedback!

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I gravitate towards the waterparks - I like them, and I like the attractions that are unique to them.

Unlike @lizzieanne771, who is a non-fan, I would choose to go. Either on your Epcot day, or on Day7. I think they’re super fun.

BB has the taller speed slide; TL has the raft-based water coasters. Both are super fun.

If you’re disposed towards waterparks, I think I would take advantage of your one waterpark admission.

BF just realised he REALL wanted to go to Coral Reef. So I got us a booking at Coral Reef instead of Yachstman of the first day. We also ended up snagging a Dining with an Imagineer on what was supposed to be our second day at Epcot. I got Park Hopper tickets now, but I am not sure anymore. There are a few variations:

-Day 1: start at Hollywood Studios: take the red-eye from California, go to BC, RD HS, stay until our room is ready, take a nap/shower, dinner at Corral Reef (6pm), then SW Fireworks.
or Start at HS and finish the evening at Epcot with Illuminations
or: Day 1 is all Epcot (with EMH).
-Day 2: RD Epcot, stay until mid-afternoon. Return to BV, shower, and then dinner at Victoria and Albert.

-Day 5: Late morning, 12pm:Dining with an Imagineer, ride some rides, Epcot in the afternoon/ watch Illuminations
Day 5: HS only.

I am not sure I want to do my only days at Epcot in a row, but at the same time it sounds more rational. It would be easier to get FPP for Toy Story later in the week (at day 5), but at the same time even if I wait for SDD, it would pretty much be the only one I wait for.

Any opinions?