Water park towels?

We are planning on hitting Typhoon Lagoon after check in on our first day. Since our luggage will likely still be in Magical Express limbo, I will just pack our swimsuits in carryons. Any advice on towels though? I don’t want to deal with beach towels through airports. Do the Waterparks have towels to use? I’m assuming not. So any advice? There are 4 of us, so 4 towels to deal with.

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Typhoon Lagoon (and Blizzard Beach) have towel rental locations near the entrance/exit to the waterpark so you can definitely leave towels in your check-in luggage.

Awesome! Thank you!

I heard a tall tale about some guy who used a towel from his resort pool at the water parks. I’m sure it didn’t happen.


I heard this on chat too…wasn’t sure if it was true or not!:smirk:

I have also been told that resort guests are “encouraged” to take towels from resort pool to waterparks.

It would help a great deal of we could then I wouldn’t need to pack 4 beach towels in my suitcase!

No if about it. You can. There’s a bunch of fresh towels over by the pool.

That’s great :grinning: this is why I like the forum/chats so much!

How big are the pool towels? I’ve assumed they are smaller than bath towels, similar to what I’ve gotten at the pool at the resorts in Myrtle Beach. Big enough for the kids, but not so great for me. Are these actually at least bath towel size? I’m not sure I will be in my room yet, but I can always venture out to the pool before we go.

If we remember to go get them then we take pool towels, but at least half the time we forget and end up renting them. Pool towels aren’t as big as beach towels, but they’re big enough for my size 16 bod.

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