Water park questions

We’re planning to do one water park during our April trip so I’m looking for opinions on which one is more suitable for kids aged 4 and 7? It looks like Blizzard Beach may have more for little kids, but I really like the look of the theming of Typhoon Lagoon. Also for those of you that frequent the water parks, do you usually pay extra for the premium seating? Does it make the day more enjoyable? Thanks!

I feel like Blizzard Beach has more for that age group. They have the zip line and whole obstacle course area as well as some more fun smaller slides. I think Typhoon has good stuff for under three and then older. The kids area at TL is geared more for toddlers. Plus that wave pool freaks me out with how strong it is. I have seen way too many people get worked by that wave and the bottom of the pool isn’t smooth. I can’t speak to the premium seating because I never used it. I am a former PhotoPass CM who has in the water parks. They are both great though!

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Any water parks ive been to we blitz in the morning then head back to our Hotel pool in the afternoon to recharge before an evening in the parks

Hence I value a fastpass at a water park more than premier seating

You used to be able to buy them at wet and wild and they were brilliant

We did aquatica this July and there were more seats than you could ever want and the kids had fastpasses so they were happy and got loads of rides

Do the disney water parks have any kind of fastpass

I know the one at volcano bay was a disaster last time I looked

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Blizzard Beach has a wonderful 12 and under area built in such a way you can safely monitor your kids without needing to be right next to them. My wife and I will sit in deck chairs resting our old, aching legs while the kids splash around and have a great time.

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No kind of FP at the Disney water parks.