Water park question

So working out our itinery and we have one day where I’ve said we can revisit a park but we are already doing the following:

3 days at MK
1.5 days at HS
1 day at AK
1 day at Epcot
3 days at Universal

So for a change I was thinking we could maybe go to a water park with our Disney tickets… We’ve never done a water park as a family and I’m not sure if it’s the right decision. Our party will be me and my husband, our 3 daughters (baby, 4yrs and 7 yrs), parents in law… My girls aren’t adventurous (not thrill seekers at all) but love swimming so is there a park you’d recommend

Or is there anything else we can do with our Disney tickets ??


I haven’t been to them so I’m not the best person to advise, but I’ve decided we will probably skip them on our first visit. My daughters will be 5 & 7, and while the lazy river looks brilliant at both parks, my girls will be thrilled with the resort pool, so I don’t think its worth the time. There’s so much to do at WDW/Orlando that you can’t do everything, so the first things I knocked off my wish list is anything than we can do elsewhere. Do you a have a hopper ticket, and are you planning to rest in the afternoons? I would give Epcot another half day unless you personally have no interest in world showcase. There are kidcot (arts & crafts) centres at each country for children, and Agent P interactive game, which sounds fun for the whole family.

Do you have the waterpark fun and more option on your tickets? If you’re paying for the waterpark you might as well use it. If you just have regular Disney tickets then the water parks are extra. If your girls aren’t real adventurous maybe just plan a day at the pool? We love the water parks but my kids love slides. What hotel are you guys staying at? It looks like a good itinerary but you guys have lots of park time so maybe a down day at the pool would be nice.

Agreed… I read from the OP’s post that you can use one of your Park Ticket days on a Disney waterpark. This is not the case. You either have to buy the waterpark tickets separately, or get the Waterpark Fun and More option. I’d only do the latter if you thought you’d do more than one day of the waterparks.

Thanks for your replies … The type of tickets we have (ultimate ticket) give us entry for 14 days to all 4 theme parks, both water parks, espn and golf

We’re staying in a villa so whilst we will have a pool it won’t be very exciting!!

We’ve been to Disney 2 years ago and did enjoy Epcot but think 1 day is enough this time as girls still a bit too young to “get” the educational themes !

Personally, I’d plan a 2nd day at Epcot.

But, if you prefer to go to a water park, my choice is Typhoon Lagoon. Maybe on that same day, you can go to Disney Springs. Then you’ve really covered it all.

Ultimate ticket! That sounds serious!


Is it just available in the UK then? That’s odd


BB has a great kids’ water play area. When DD was 6, she spent the whole day there.

Would you say it’d have the same level of appeal for an 8 year old?

There is a walk across the floating icebergs (really challenging!), a zip line, and very tame water slide.

We went in 2014 when my girls were 4 and 6 on the same Ultimate ticket. We went for TL and had a great time - there is a nice friendly kiddy area and a brilliant ring slide in which the whole family can ride (max 6 IIRC).

My top tip would be to watch your feet and the sun - sun cream on the tops of the feet wasn’t in my routine and I got quite badly burnt :frowning:

We’ve been to both waterparks several times. We have teens so I’m not too familiar with the kiddie areas. We liked the atmosphere at TL a lot better. It seemed more tropical. Less thrill slides, more family slides. My daughter was 11 first time. She was intimidated by the slides at BB. If you plan to use the wave pool, the waves are stronger at TL (but more fun!) Smaller kids can stand back farther. Not sure what time of year you are going, but if summer, both parks get packed by late AM. Lines for slides are very long. Better to go at park opening, or wait until after 4:00, when park empties out. We reserved beach chairs and an umbrella with a small table. Well worth the money. A word of caution: last summer, both of our waterpark days were ruined by storms that blew in around lunchtime, and hung around all afternoon. We stayed because we paid for the reserved chairs. After several hours, the waterparks emptied out, and late in the day we didn’t have to wait in any lines. During the storms though, everything was closed and the snack pavillions were packed with people trying to get shelter.

Thank you for feedback everyone … Much appreciated

Our children are not too bothered by slides (they’re not the bravest) but they love a pool and think they will like the lazy river element. Think we’ll try TL first (with option to do BB later)