Water Park Days tickets

I just wanted to make sure that I have this correct before I call Disney to change my tickets (I know that I’ll get more accurate info from the Liners)!

We have been many times with our kids but have never taken advantage of the water parks because the weather was too cool. It looks like it will be ok for our upcoming trip, so I am thinking of changing our 6-day PH tickets to 5-day PH WP.

I just want to make sure that will give us 5 days of park admission + an extra day at BB - is that correct?

We have MVMCP tickets for the day we would go to BB, so I wouldn’t need any park admission that day.

You will have 5 days of park tickets AND 5 days of water parks. When you add Water Parks to your tix you can go every day of your ticket package to the water parks.

Yes, thanks, sorry, I wasn’t clear - we’ll only use one day, so my plan will work won’t it? I don’t need the 6 day, correct?

Yup - your plan works. And if you wanted to hit up a water park on a second day you can.

If you plan to go to the water parks on only one day and are not going to DisneyQuest or doing any other Water Parks Fun & More activities, purchasing a single day ticket is cheaper than adding on the “Water Parks Fun & More” option to a Magic Your Way ticket.

Single Day Water Park Ticket: $53/adult, $45/child
Water Parks Fun & More: +$60/ticket (adult or child)

(Those prices exclude tax and are for buying directly from Disney.)

Our ticket calculator (http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/ticket-calculator) is normally very good at calculating this sort of thing and making a good recommendation, but we are not handling the water park and DisneyQuest tickets well there right now.

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I think, if I did my math correctly, my least expensive option is a 5 day PH with WP. We are 2 adults + 2 kids.

5 day PH = 1508.04
1 day WP = 208.76
Total = 1716.81

5 day PH WP = 1618.80

Does this look right?

I think you’re correct, and I apologize for adding confusion.

If you are already getting the Park Hopper option on a 5-day ticket, adding WPF&M (on top of Park Hopper) is only $26/ticket more. If you were adding WPF&M to a non-Hopper ticket, it’s $60/ticket.