Water delivery

I think I’m overthinking this, but we leave in 10 days and I’m a chronic over-planner, so…

I am ordering groceries from Instacart (snacks, breakfast stuff, beer, wine, and more wine), but also ordering a foam mattress topper from Amazon Prime Now (because we are staying in an AKV studio and I am 99% sure that DS will hate sleeping on the pullout couch). I can’t get all of those things from the same place, so alas it’s broken up into two orders.

My dilemma is water. Water! It’s silly, but I can’t figure out if it’s best to just include bottled water with the regular grocery delivery (resulting in a very heavy delivery that I won’t be able to carry myself, which will be annoying - since we’re getting alcohol I understand that I have to meet the driver anyway), through Prime Now, or just get a case at the resort store. Do they sell water at the resort stores? Flying in and no rental car, so delivery is our only option.

The last time I went I got mine through Prime Pantry (prime now wasn’t a thing then). When I picked it up and Guest Relations, I asked for a luggage cart, and it was no problem.

Yes they sell water at the resort.

They sell small 8 packs of Dasani water for $3.99?

I’m confused. (Sometimes it doesn’t take much :stuck_out_tongue:) If you would have trouble carrying the water from bell services to your room, how would it help to buy it at the resort store? You’d still have to carry it, right? I’m probably just missing something.

Oh, are you thinking then it’d be broken into multiple trips? I’d just get the water from Prime Now. I’m betting bell services wouldn’t mind if you took more than one trip to/from your room to get your Prime Now delivery.

You could also bring an empty rolling suitcase down to help carry your order.

@Beth33 basically yes, it would be easier in multiple trips. I certainly can carry a case of water, I just can’t carry a case of water, a 6-pack of beer, 2 bottles of wine, and (probably way too many) snacks. I was going to order everything from Prime Now and just have it all delivered to the room (6 bucks well spent), but I liked the Instacart food selections better. And my understanding of Instacart is you must meet the driver in the lobby? I could be wrong about that but that’s how I understood it.

I am clearly overthinking this! LOL. Thanks all.

Can’t DS help carry stuff or who else your traveling with?

Empty your suitcase. Bring your empty rolling suitcase to the shop. Buy the water. put it in the suitcase Roll it back to your room. Voila



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I do have one actually :wink: