Water Bottles and Rapid Fill

I drink loads of water, and in an effort to avoid a lot of unnecessary expense and plastic waste I’d love to just refill a reusable 1 quart bottle with filtered water and ice before heading out for the day.

I understand the rapid fill stations at the resorts have filtered water and ice on tap. Question is do you have to use a rapid fill mug/cup to get it? In which case I’d have to first fill my my mug/cup and then pour it off into another container? Likely having to wait a couple minutes to do the second half of the water bottle as I understand each fill is a set volume? Or is there an exception for the water where I could fill a water bottle directly and ideally without having to wait?


You do not need to have a mug. It’s free for all and you can use any bottle. Good plan though - this is what we did. You can also get free water from any QS.


Excellent question, thanks for posting! We are also a water bottle-toting family and I didn’t even think to look for filtered water at the hotel restaurant.


We stayed at POFQ in July and used our own water bottles to fill up with ice and water at their rapid fill stations. No issues!