Water bottle help

Does anybody have a hot tip for small insulated water bottles that will also fit into the lockers? I saw a tip to use a collapsible cup and use the free style machines for water. For some reason I’d prefer to have a small insulated bottle in my small backpack.

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I have an old 9oz S’well that worked great. Has a screw top so could lay on its side in the small locker without any trouble. So many knock offs these days I’m sure you could find one for much cheaper!

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A couple of people had these collapsible jobbies on the liner meetup that just happened that wicked impressed me


We bought these in different colors to differentiate which bottle belonged to which person in our family:

Correction: we bought the 9 oz versions.

I used this type in WDW:

They’re very lightweight and leak-proof. They’re not insulated, but I refilled mine often with ice and water from the soda stations so it was always cold (the way I like it).

I love my s’well; it keeps water cold for a very long time. Not all knockoffs are as good, though.

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E-Senior Collapsible Water Bottle BPA Free - Foldable Water Bottle for Travel Sports Bottles with Triple Leak Proof Lightweight 20oz (Blue) https://a.co/d/1ux7KWv

We have this collapsible water bottle. A tad awkward at first, but I’d you use it like a water skin, it works well. Much much better than collapsible cups, which we also tried and didn’t like.

There are other collapsible water bottles that are larger and different designs. This is just the one we had.

Wow, great tips! Thank you everybody. It looks like if have few options to research.

Brita water bottles.
I’d recommend the metal ones. I wouldn’t say they are insulated, but a couple of times a day we poured in ice water and then otherwise refilled from random water faucets. The Brita filter removes the nasty taste. The water was always cold. We didn’t work at getting ice into it. We’d start the day with a few cubes in there. Then at lunch we’d pour our leftover ice inside.
The top is secure so you can lay it on its side in the locker.
I’d bought a multi-pack of insulated lanyards for the Yeti cups that work perfectly with the Freestyle cups. DD used that for her Brita bottle but the lanyard was too big. But, they do have some just for water bottles.

Good to know about the knock offs.

I also have an adorable Minnie S’well that I always take to WDW. Cold water all day makes me so happy.

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Me, too!

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Agreed on the ice. I’m a Hydro Flask person. They just seem a little to big for a small backpack. It’s amazing how passionate folks are over their preferred water bottle.

We use Kleen Kanteen. They have lots of different sizes and lid options. Also insulated and non insulated depending on what you like, stainless Steele so they last forever. Ours had no problems in the lockers at Universal 4 years ago.

Lots of good info, thanks for sharing. I like the swell bottles but not a fan of the price point. I need 4 bottles so that gets a little pricey for water bottles we most likely will only use for 4 days. So I’m going to roll the dice on some knock offs that I found (link below). I have time to order them, check to see if the size works for my backpack, and if needed return… :crossed_fingers:


I bought this one and it fits in all small lockers, filtering water, and fits my sling bag perfectly.

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Those are really nice. If you have a sling bag, they will fit great in the exterior pockets.