Water at Contemporary

Is there a water cooler and ice dispenser in the Contemporary QS like at POR? Is it sulfury tasting?

We brought reusable filtered water bottles last year & used those all trip refilling at POR. We detest MK sulfury tap water & Dasani gives me stomach problems. Trying to decide if I need to order bottled water…

I’m not sure about the Contemporary. I hate the MK water too! We brought lemonade packets into the park and that fixed the nasty water there. Just an idea… Good luck!

We thought the water everywhere tasted AWFUL! We are from Chicago and our water tastes much better and not so bitter. We brought a filter water bottle just to brush our teeth!

Thanks for replying! It’s good to know I’m in good company :grinning: Water is my beverage of choice so it’s an important one.