Watching movies to prepare for my trip

Although I don’t get to WDW, it occurs to me that I only have one Sunday left — and that’s the only day I’m not working.

Anyhoo, now that my plan has been finalised I’ve been thinking there are some movies I have to watch before I go.

First on the list is one of the Fast & Furious movies — otherwise the ride at UOR won’t make sense. I haven’t seen any of them, but F&F 7 was on tv recently so I’ve recorded it.

I don’t really understand what The Incredibles is and how it’s linked to Tomorrowland, but I figure I’d better watch that. Sadly, I can’t find any way cheaper than £13.99 to do so.

Last year I watched Beauty and the Beast as preparation — the new live action version — and really enjoyed it. It was actually on the flight over.

Any suggestions for must-see movies?

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The Incredibles certainly is appropriate for this visit given the summer theme, and I have to say that movie has grown on me in a good way. Are you able to rent it for less cost, download it, and watch it on the flight?

Others (sorry, very kid centric list here):

Joy and Sadness
Big Hero 6

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Not that I’ve seen, but I’ll keep looking.

We call this “Disney Training” at our house :grin: Next up are Peter Pan and Pirates of the Carribean.

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I hope you have seen the Toy Story movies - considering TSL :slight_smile:


Since you are going to Universal, I would recommend Despicable Me, Mummy (original with Brendan Fraser, not Tom Cruise) and watch some Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon clips on Youtube - the new attraction will also not make much sense without knowing who Jimmy is. Assume since you are British - you’ve already seen Harry Potter.

As for Disney movies- Pixar’s Up if you are seeing new Bird show at Animal Kingdom (shameless plug - since Up is my favorite Pixar movie). Catch up on Star Wars - if you are seeing the Star Wars fireworks? Can’t think of anything else. You can always make a list of movies to watch when you get back - for instance, I need to watch Moana - that song in Happily Ever After is very catchy.

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Moana is easily one of my top faves. You MUST watch it!

This is an old list from a liner that has not been around for many years. But it covers older stuff

Disney prep
Avatar for pandora
At least pirates curse of the black pearl for PoC
Incredibles because of new movie
Star wars if doing fireworks
Frozen if doing epcot dessert party
You may be able to see song if the south for splash mountain


Is that even available? I thought it was banned…? I have it on VHS tape. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know that there are a lot of exhibits around it but I just watched CoCo and really enjoyed it. I also just watched Moana and loved that. I’ve been making a list to prepare for our upcoming December trip and have Peter Pan and Lady & the Tramp on it (because it has been so long since I have seen either of them)

“Banned” is a strong word, but Disney has never released it in the USA (but has in Europe and Asia). It’s not too hard to find on line, but you have to be very careful about DVD “regions”. Also, regardless of what the write-up says, assume they are all pirated copies. I normally abhor video piracy, but until Disney decides to officially release the movie, I’ll deal. FWIW, it’s really a pretty bad film. The animated sequences are classic, but the live action portions are pretty cringe-worthy with regards to script, acting, and direction.

If you’ve never seen Avatar, I do recommend it. The plot of the film is immaterial to enjoying the land, but the visuals and explanations of the Pandoran ecosystem will help you appreciate the land all the more - and visually, it’s still one of the most stunning films in recent history.

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Now that you are staying at Poly maybe watch Lilo and Stich? That is DDs favorite!

It is but @profmatt is UK he may be able to find it

Let’s start with this: which Disney movies HAVE you seen?

I would highly recommend Moana. It’s not a “princess movie”…there are no love interests. Maui is a great character, and the whole movie is hilarious. And according to oversharing on your part in the past, I think the ending of the movie would really speak to you. I cry when I watch it.

I have to imagine you’re referring to Inside Out with this one?

Agree, it’s a great one to see.

I love, love, love Moana, but since Disney hasn’t quite integrated her into any of the parks yet, this one might be best used as a post-Disney blues pick-me-up!

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omg, yes. My brain is mush after planning our WDW trip for the past 100 days or so. 1 day to go! :grinning:


I haven’t seen Avatar yet and I have no excuse since we’ve had it on BluRay for years.

(I should also note that my kids are HUGE fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender…cartoon series so I always have to be careful which Avatar I am talking about. If you don’t want a lecture about all the horrific plot changes, never ask my kids about the live action version.)

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Do you have Sky? They’re showing it on Wednesday, on Sky Cinema Disney. Or, if you’re an Amazon (UK) Prime member you can rent the HD version for £3.49