Watch "WALT DISNEY WORLD's PeopleMover Closed For Extensive Refurbishment - Disney News - 7/26/20" on YouTube

To sum it up:

  • after several times of going down previously, including closing down indefinitely before the park closure, it has now been confirmed by insiders and cast memberd that it will go under refurbishment.

  • apparently, all 600 magnetic motors along the 1 mile track will be replaced + overall maintenance. Could take “several months”.

  • Also rumored: there will probably not be any thematic updates included in this

This is the part I’m most concerned about. I had already resigned myself to the fact that it wouldn’t be open for our August trip. That’s okay. It will be open by our December trip for sure.

But SEVERAL months? That is a nebulous time frame that early December of 2020 may fall within. :confused:

This sucks! I always enjoyed it on hot days and was looking forward to riding it next week when we visit. Oh well, things break and need work, I get it. Splash mountain better not be down though. I am already looking forward to being soaked. LOL

Oh, thank you for posting this! I care not one bit that there won’t be any updating, I’m just glad the mystery of the Peoplemover has been solved. It’s been hit and miss (mostly miss) for considerably longer than this year, too. It wasn’t running for our entire trip back in May of 2019.

So I’m just very happy that it will be back, though. I think the “couple of months” downtime is exceptionally optimistic for something that needs custom parts. But I’m happy to wait!

I agree, however the time felt like a rough guess more than anything, so I guess we can only wait for more information

Edit: this was one of the sources for the video:

Reportedly, Disney was trying to replace the motors as they failed, but with lower crowds in the theme parks this summer, they have opted for a full replacement. As you might imagine, the work is significant and we’re told it “could take a month or more”.

“A month or more” sounds better than several months, but again, this is unofficial information