Watch the fireworks at WL after Artist Pointe or monorail resort?

We are a party of 4 adults wanting to watch the FW before/during/right after a really good dinner. I am trying to get CG ADR using TP finder but no luck so far (still 92 days out). We are staying at WL. Is Artist Point good? Can you watch the FW from WL, not necessarily in the restaurant but somewhere on property? Other ideas? Want to stay at WL or monorail resorts for dinner and it’s a MNSSHP night.

This was just posted in chat:

You can see the fireworks from WL. Stand by the patio by the water at Geyser Point. They even pipe in the music. Electric water parade starts right after MK fireworks are done.

I do not believe there is any view from Artist Point.

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I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life here, but I’ve watched the fireworks from both CR and GF and it’s not as exciting as you’d think. Without the projections on the castle, it’s just a fireworks display. As seen from a great distance.

I’m not saying don’t do it. But if you ever have the choice to see it from within MK or from an outside spot, I’d always recommend within MK.

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Agree with paragraph 2, in park is the best overall viewing

However, if you have an opportunity to watch from California Grill or Top of the World (for DVC members) it’s certainly worth it. You can watch from these spots with elbow room to spare and less than 100 people around you PLUS full bar service to boot!

You can make out the projections from these locations and the music is piped in.

We’re staying at WL in January and are looking forward to watching from Geyser Point as suggested by @PrincipalTinker. We scouted the spot earlier this month. No castle view but great location right on the edge of the lake…and bar service :wink:


Good to know. Thanks. I’ve never been to WL so this might be a good option.

The fireworks the night in question are MNSSHP fireworks so not HEA, right? We wanted a resort night as it’s our first night after arrival and thought that we could have a nice dinner and watch the fireworks as a bonus.

I agree that HEA is excellent and you need the projections to fully enjoy. First time I saw HEA was from CG just by luck and I thought it was “nice” but then a few days later saw from the hub and it is a different thing entirely!