WATCH OUT-- party Ticket FP on same profile as regular ticket FP

I am still seeing reports of FP being cancelled if you have regular ticket media and party ticket media on the same MDE profile. It looks like Disney is running overnight sweeps and flagging these accounts as too many days of FP as it relates to ticket media. The party ticket is not counting as ticket media with FP entitlement for some reason. Interestingly enough if your party ticket is on a MDE profile by itself the FP are remaining with no warning…so far!

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For those not on chat here is the original report

Seeing reports FPs booked with MNSSHP ticket are being cancelled. some are saying the last day of FPs are being eliminated when party ticket and regular ticket are on the same MDE profile.
6:21am on 7/20/17 by AuntB_luvsDisney
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I checked mine and they are still there but my party ticket is on a separate profile. Watch your FP especially if your AK FOP is the last day of your trip.
6:21am on 7/20/17 by AuntB_luvsDisney

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Hi, I currently have regular tickets and MNSSHP tickets on same profile. I plan on not attending park during the day and will arrive at MK around 4pm. Am I okay to pull 3 FPs for rides prior to 7pm and link them to my MNSSHP tickets? I would only then have a total of 3FPs reserved for that day. Do you think the system would reject it? I haven’t done FP online before so not sure if I would be able to link FPs to my party tickets.

Your case is exactly the senario where people’s last day of FPP are getting cancelled. The MDE system will allow you to book it that way but you might get a warning you don’t have enough ticket media to cover all your days of FP. What type of ticket media is your primary? AP or MYW ticket? # of days of ticket media not including the party ticket? How many days total Of FP are already booked?

I haven’t done any FP yet. My 60 day mark is next Sat. I have 5-day regular park tickets (one park per day) and then I have the party tickets. I plan on using 2 days at MK and the remainder 3 at the other 3 parks. Then for the party day, I would use the party tickets and arrive at park around 4pm. Hope to have FPs to do some rides prior to 6pm.

Is your party day your 6th park day?

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Your last day (6th) of a FP will be at risk of being dropped.

My party day will not be my last day. Some ppl mention having link to a separate account without regular tickets would be best. I have some questions with this approach (sorry for asking so many):

  1. Can I unlink my party tickets and link them to a new MDE account?

  2. My original MDE account will continue to have my regular tickets and the Disney resort I’ll be staying at so I do have the party tickets link to the magic bands that I will receive from Disney under this original MDE account if I pull the party tickets out to another account?


Since your ticket is linked to your MDE account you will only be able to make 5 days of FPs. If you make 6 days at some point Disney will cancel your 6th day. My guess is that Disney has always said there are not FPs during a party and since your Paarl admission is only the party ticket- you are not entitled to FPs on that day.

  1. yes it can be done but then you have to go to guest services for a RFID card to access the party ticket as they will no longer be associated with a profile with MB. Additionally there is no guarantee that Disney will allow party tickets to book or maintain FP.

2). I don’t understand this question

Has anyone seen anything on this applying if I have enough tickets for every day PLUS party tickets? On my MVMCP day I am going to AK in the morning on the regular ticket and then the party in the evening at MK. So I have 6 days of tickets, 6 days in the park, AND a MVMCP ticket which will be with one of those 6 days. I realize that this is applying to MNSSHP but I am wondering if I should have my MVMCP tickets pulled off of my account and separated before my FP day arrives.

Since you have the same number of days tickets for days you have FP this should not be in issue for you. I don’t think you need to move your party tickets.

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I have my MNSSHP ticket and free dining tickets linked to my account. Since my party day is split EP/party they have not touched my FPs.

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I think I’m following what you are saying. Basically, if I put my party ticket under a separate account then it won’t be link to my magic band. Correct?


Oh no! I plan on attending MVMCP in the middle of my stay! I have linked all the tickets to MDE, but what if I remove the party tix and put them in my husband’s MDE account? Will that solve the problem? I was hoping to get at least one FP+ for the party day (before 7pm).

I have a room only the first night I arrive and have a separate MDE account for that. I switch the next day to my other MDE with my stay, tickets, and dining. Can I link my MVMCP ticket to that Room Only MDE? Will my magic bands still work for just that since I will have technically checked out of that room?

So I have six day ticket and in our 7th day, once all of our standard tickets have been used we are going to MNSSHP. I have fast passes for all the days, and I have not seen any of them dissapear yet. They would probably just cancel my 4-7 fast passes for the party day, right? That does t worry me. I wasn’t expecting to be able to make them, so when I could I was happy. I won’t miss them if they are wiped away. I will be sad if some other day gets wiped. Should I just cancel them? We leave in 27? Days.

Yes you could move the party tickets to the room only and yes the MB will still work after check out for ticket/FP access.

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All reports are the last night gets cancelled so I think you are ok.