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Here is a clear video review of upcoming changes to WDW resorts from AJ at DFB . Twenty five minutes long, but a lot of information. She discusses cruises, other parks, Disney Springs, and dining. She does state that at least at reopening, there will be no resort hopping without a dining reservation., discussed on another thread.

The bit about no park hopping without an ADR doesn’t make any sense.

That puts the onus on the guest to ask for a refund of the park hopper on their tickets, which is very conniving and sneaky in my book. And policing it would be hard.

Now if they allowed you to book two park reservations in one day, then they could simply refund anyone who didn’t do that. That makes way more sense IMO.

They have said an ADR will not be enough to get you into a park. Putting the onus on the guest to have booked a park reservation for the park they wish to dine in is fair enough.

Nothing has been said about this officially (and the DFB is not an official source as far as I am aware).

I’ve heard it may be possible to park hop, both in advance and on the day if there is room. Such as to Epcot since that is open later than the others with the staggered opening hours.

I think that she is only mentioning resort hopping as in resort hotels. I don’t think that anything was said on here about park hopping. And no, DFB is not official Disney.

Oh sorry, misread it. :grin:

I still don’t think it does mean what people think it means. But we’ll see.

It sure would be nice if we did have official information and clarification. :sunglasses:

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AJ is still reporting the rumored interpretation…so unless she got some official clarification, I am not convinced we can say with certainty that resort hopping won’t be allowed for on site guests (apart from those with ADRs).

I know it is a very likely interpretation…but I can’t help but think Disney could have made it clear in their rules not simple that you have have an overnight stay booked, but you must have an overnight stayed booked in the same hotel. Again, maybe that is what they mean…but the ambiguity may be intentional on Disney’s part.

I have to wonder about enforcement of this rule. This suggests they will be interrogating every guest who enters the building. Previously they would enforce day guests at the parking lot entrance, no? If you didn’t have an ADR they could turn you away. But how do they plan to do this when on site guests would be using resort transportation.

Think about Boardwalk, BC, and YC for example. You can simply walk between properties. And they have already said that in the short term BC and YC guests can use the BW pool. That doesn’t suggest resort hopping is disallowed.

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Remember this is for the initial phase, when only DVC resorts plus FW will be open. The only way to use Disney buses from one resort to another is by bus to DS and then bus out again. Or the Skyliner of course, because there is testing going on just now so it looks like they do intend to use it, at least the Epcot to CBR Line .

Personally I think they are just trying to limit the number of people just spending time wandering around the resorts.

The main part of each resort will have to be “open”, as in doors open. But if things get too busy in the communal parts of the resort, they can turn people away. They just have security at each door. The “secret” doors may well be locked, since they are in the main part of the resort (thinking the door at BC closest to Epcot).

The pool hopping again id for BCV guests, which actually has always been allowed! They’re just stressing it is permitted at this point, whereas pool hopping in general will almost certainly be suspended.

This will not be the case when BC &/or YC open because they will then open up SAB.

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You all may be right about no resort hopping being speculation, but DFB isn’t the only Disney reporting entity mentioning this. I wonder if it stems from Disney Resort’s Know Before You Go web page that states one needs “A confirmed dining reservation if you’re a day Guest (not staying overnight)” as part of the “important updates” to their resort hotels that they are implementing.

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Yes. That’s where it is coming from. And that my be the correct interpretation. But when I read that page, it doesn’t say you need to have an overnight stay booked at the same resort, only that you have an overnight stay booked at A resort. So it leaves open the possibility of resort hopping for on site guests.

I can argue it either way, since the language on the part of Disney is ambiguous.

The only reason I even care is that for our December trip we wanted to spent an entire day resort hopping to see Christmas decorations.

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