Was the issue with Epcot or me?

very true

Their initial offer of only $50 completely shocks me. Last October I had a short stay in preferred at All Star Sports for F&W and HHN. I arrived in the evening so I went straight to my room. The beds had been used and water was dripping from the shower faucet with a bathmat still on the ground and a wet towel hanging up. It just looked like maybe someone had checked out and the room hadn’t been serviced yet. I went straight to the desk and calmly explained the situation (I’m a former CM so I’m incredibly understanding in these situations) and they gave me a new room and a $50 gift card. I felt $50 was a perfect compensation for that; but $50 for another family in your room, packing up your things nonetheless, is absurd. I’m glad they made it right when you countered but you shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place.

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I saw facebook friends’ pictures from last week that had the Miguel puppet, so I don’t think it has gone away! But I am also attending the 11am Mariachi Cobre show so now I’m concerned that maybe Miguel doesn’t make an appearance that early?

I definitely feel the same way that you do about how you rush around to these shows at Epcot and they are pretty short. I think some is expectation setting and some is just a bummer that they are short and should be more often!

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For us, EPCOT is easily a two day park. I’m trying to figure out how to make it a one day park for our May trip, but finding it difficult.

There is SO MUCH to see/do there that isn’t necessarily a headliner. All the little shows in the countries, and even pop-up shows in FW, plus the time you can spend in the FW pavilions after the rides, etc. Just sitting and watching the fountains can be a great way to relax, etc.

Whittling Epcot down to a single day has meant cutting a LOT of stuff. But I think trying to make plans around the smaller timed events is difficult in general, even with two days. It is better to just stop and watch them if you happen to be in the area around that time.


My biggest complaint about Epcot is the entry experience!! You obviously missed that with your PPO breakfast. We arrived via resort bus about 30 minutes before rope drop and it was a mass mess to get to security. Then they only had two main lines feeding into the taps. Very frustrating. We weren’t able to enter the parks until about 5 minutes after rope drop!!

I know they are working on the entry now, but they can still do way better in the current condition. Too many bottle necks.

This happened to me once - I was in a hotel in ND and I heard a rustling by my window. To this day I don’t know if it was actually a mouse or just the A/C blowing against something, but the sound kept happening and I couldn’t sleep. Rather than complain, I moved to the couch in the other room of the suite and immediately changed my flight for the next day and flew home from my business trip early - I couldn’t sleep another night in that hotel room! And not sure a different room would have been better. I’m obviously more averse to confrontation than you folks.


You’re right that a different hotel room might not have been better. When mice move in, there’s more than one, generally, and they do get around. But they did move me to the other side of a very large hotel, after explaining all that they do to prevent this very thing.

Plus, it was just a mouse. I think.

I figured anything bigger would have fought me for that most excellent French fry!


I think having a schedule and World Showcase don’t go well together. It is very hard to time to see all shows and characters.

I believe it was designed so people would walk around sightseeing and sometimes stop with “oh, look, there is a show going on/about to happen/donald duck is there”.