Warning: Caribbean Beach Resort Renovation

Just received email that the bridges connecting Aruba and Jamaica sections to Old Port Royale are temporarily closed to pedestrian traffic while being renovated. (A call to the resort directly revealed that they are already closed and would remain so until November 22nd.) This completely changes the most desirable locations as the commonly requested buildings across the bridge are now the farthest walk from the pool area and restaurants.

thanks for letting us know!

Just come back from CB and can confirm this is the case. They are running boats from one side of the lake to the other between 9am and 7pm.
They were picking up on the beach at Jamaica but on the last day of our trip they only picked up at Aruba. There were no signs or notes etc saying this so not really helpful when you’re trying to find your way around an unfamiliar place.
Also, the little kids pool area is being renovated and is closed. Wasn’t overly happy about that as there was no advanced warning (the same as the bridge). Our 3 year old is too young for the big pool.
Don’t know how long the pool is closed for though

@EthicalAddict What is this? “Also, the little kids pool area is being renovated and is closed.” Is that the play area that looks like a little pirate ship with the slides???

That’s the place. Don’t know how long it’s closed for though. There’s a fair bit of building going on tgere at the moment

Oh, I would have been so disappointed with the little ship area closed! I hate that for you. I hope your trip was super otherwise!! We go in December with our toddler. I’m not sure I would have chosen this resort without the little pool area. Hopefully, it will be open by then.