Wanted: Stroller Purchase

Hi All,

We are arriving around 6pm on Monday and I was looking at purchasing a stroller from somewhere like Toys’R’Us to use solely at the park as the rental fee for our 2.5 week stay was getting up around the purchase cost.

Is there anyone that was in the same boat and has already purchased a stroller to use at Disneyworld and would be interested in selling this off on the 24th to re-coup any money spent?

I’m posting this in the middle of a drastic freak out to get ready as we have over 30 hours of flights to leave for soon so apologies if this request goes against forum rules.



Thankfully, we are past the stroller stage now, but I understand your dilemma. Have you thought about renting one for the time you’re there from an outside vendor? You may get a better price than at the parks.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/WDWDisneyFreecycle/ You can check out this group

Thanks for the reply guys,

I did think of renting but it was going to cost me the same amount as buying a 1/3rd decent stroller while I’m there ($105 rent vs $95-$129 buy).

Figured I’d see if anyone did the same thing as was wanting to sell off the no longer needed stroller :slight_smile: or even if anyone was local and wanting to sell it off.

Thought about Craigslist but then I need to call people and being I’m in Australia and opposite timezone I’d need to be up at 1am to make the calls…

It may be possible to order one from Amazon and have it delivered to your hotel. That would beat staying up super late or getting up super early to make phone calls.

My wifehas requested to Join the freecycle group and see what’s there (I don’t use Facebook), hopefully we will see whats around for when we get there :slight_smile:

@potternut2001 - Cheers for the advice, I was looking to grab one delivered for free from Toys’R’Us, can’t say I’ve ever used Amazon (being I’m from Australia) I’m guessing their delivery times are fairly quick?

They are pretty quick! I’m a Prime member so I get free delivery, but even without the Prime membership you can get delivery fast. It may be better to use Toys R Us if it’s free delivery, though. At least you know you have other options to compare to!

Yikes! That’s highway robbery!

It’s the time I’m there though, I’ll be on site for 15 days :frowning:

Oh, that sounds slightly better…

AuntB thanks so much for this tip. It’s amazing. We’ve hopefully got a stroller waiting for us to pick up when we get there :smile:

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Awesome! So glad to help.