Want to proofread the 2023 Unofficial Guide chapters?

Here they are, as I work on them: Dropbox - 2023_Chapters_Updated_By_len - Simplify your life.

I’m open to suggestions on content and anything else that’d make the chapters better. Post them here, please. Thanks!


AP style? Y’all ever use proofreadnow.com? That was always our final lap before print.

I haven’t seen that one yet - I’ll check it out.

I’m mainly looking for semantic things - “you forgot this”, “That contradicts this other thing”, and stuff like that.

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Take out the word “therefore” in the second line.

Or use “thence” - Shakespeare for the win.

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I’ve seen “contains” a couple of times in the overview.

Maybe replace “contains” here with “comprises” since “consists of” has also been used.

First line.

In the “Planning” chapter, in the “MAKING PARK RESERVATIONS” section, the policy on how many reservations AP holders can have when staying on-site has been updated. The section currently reads:

MAKING PARK RESERVATIONSAfter you’ve purchased and linked park tickets to your family’s My Disney Experience account, click the “Park Reservations” icon in MDE to get started. If you’re buying 1- to 10-day tickets, you’ll be able to make park reservations for as many days as you have park admission (e.g., 5 days of reservations if you’ve got a 5-day ticket). Annual passholders who are staying at a Disney hotel can hold up to 6 reservations at a time, while passholders staying off-site can make 3 at a time. Passholders can make an additional reservation once an existing reservation’s day is done.

AP holders who are staying on-site can now hold park reservations for EACH day of their stay (I found this info at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/passholder-program/active-passholders/).

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