Want to Optimize, but want to keep breaks and meal reservations

When you optimize, it changes most everything…which is fine, I want the best strategy. But, I can’t change the lunch time because its a reservation. How to I get touring plans to optimize, but leave the lunch reservation at the correct time? It keeps trying to change it to whatever time it thinks is best. I can’t do that…its already been reserved at a certain time.

Optimize but then drag and drop your reservation and breaks to where you need them to be, and then EVALUATE and the times will update accordingly.


When you set up a break you specify how flexible you want to be with the time, and the Optimizer should not be moving them outside of that time range. How much is it moving them?


I find the optimizer rarely obeys on this point.

That’s odd - I have never had a problem with this.

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it moved it way out…hours…but after i did what was suggested…move it back…then evaluate and optimize…it got it back in the right time.

That is very odd. If you see it happening again, e-mail webmaster@touringplans.com. Explain what is happening and give them the plan URL - they are usually quite quick about looking into these things and getting back to you.

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