Want to know why wait times are up and the Crowd Levef predictions have been off?

@len to the rescue!


So, the models didn’t get updated properly, but this boils down to disney shuttering so much without providing alternate diversions.

I’m curious to see how EPCOT is affected when Soarin’ is offline. A) because I arrive right after and will be directly affected, and 2) I’m curious from a human behavior side. Will the land get completely ignored without the draw of Soarin’? Living with the land has to see some “huh, that hang glider thing has a 100 min. wait, let’s ride this boat thing.” Will people actively seek it out? Will people not want the effort of walking to the east side? Will people have a fp+ and head there blindly?

I know my plan will be to go east at rope drop and use a fast pass on test track vs trying for multiple rides there. TT wasn’t a must do, ride dozens of times kinda ride for me before, I just know now I can ride it with fp+ and be good.